Flight Search Engine

We represent innovative service that can make sales more flexible and cost effective


  • Metasearch engines integration
  • difficult sales schemes
  • open architecture
  • connection of own sales offices
  • serious reduce of request time to GDS (до 95%)
  • easy integration with external services via XML
  • unlimited search traffic



  • E-commerce development 90%

  • Fare adjusting 100%

  • Availability95%

  • Implementation speed 100%


Flexible customisation under the business logic of airline

GDS-switcher platform gives huge scaling opportunities

Metasearch integration

Unlimited free of charge search traffic for any external services


Special architecture and using clous solutions allows our systems to be Scaled on any load

Nearest airports search

Recommend to use nearest airport, if there is no availability for main request

Robot traffic security

DDoS, SQL injection, Backdoor, Сross Site Scripting, Remote file inclusion, Illegal resource access. Proven by millions intellectual bots.

Minimal response time

Using local cache for tariffs, and caching static content with CDN-network

Full logging

Allows us to check for any bugs or mistakes in a real time


Allows client to have full control of service features

In-house development

Inhouse development allows us to be flexible and fast with any client requests

High-quality search

Calendar, all airline cabins on one screen, GDS free architecture

Direct agent connection via webservice XML API

Cost effective solutions for searches

Own sales offices connection

Solutions for own offices, call center services


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